Flow Form Framework 5.0 Documentation

This documentation covering version 5.0 has been rendered at: May 16, 2023


The Form API is an extensible and flexible framework to build web forms.

It includes the following features:

  • Ready-to-use standard form elements
  • Creation of Multi-Step Forms
  • Server- and Client-Side Validation
  • highly flexible rendering of form elements, based on Fluid or any custom renderer
  • Extensible with new form elements
  • robust, object oriented API
  • Integration into Neos Flow and Neos CMS

Also, there are some useful Related Packages that make use of the extension points and provide useful additions. For example there is the original Form YAML Builder that is a Flow based web application for graphically assembling and modifying forms:


Since version 5 there’s also a Neos Form Builder that adds these features and more to the Neos CMS Backend:



The initial implementation has been generously sponsored by AKOM360 - Multi Channel Marketing. Further work has been supported by internezzo ag - agentur für online-kommunikation and Format D GmbH

It has been implemented by: